Ways to develop creative mind

Creativity is the process of generating new ideas, or finding new solutions to challenges. With a high level of creativity there are no problems, all problems are challenges, and challenges lead to opportunities. Opportunities are the pathway to success. Creativity is the generation of ideas that result in the improved efficiency or effectiveness of a system. There are two important aspects of creativity: process and people. Creativity will put you on the path to success.

Ways to develop creative mind

1. Travel to new places.
2. Read from a variety of fields.
3. Become curious about everything.
4. Attend professional meetings and seminars.
5. Join professional groups and associations.
6. Talk to anyone and everyone about your subject.
7. Develop a subject library for future reference.
8. Carry a small notebook and record useful information.
9. Scan magazines, newspapers and journals for articles related to your subject.
10.Evaluate ideas. Record what aspects of ideas are good and what aspects appear irrelevant or are not feasible because of constraints.


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