Indian Cyber Law does not deal with Blogging.

Blogging is the latest craze on the internet and bloggers are known to express themselves to the world at large without fear of being identified. Blogging is about a netizen’s right of expression on all kinds of subjects – the mundane to highly-specialised subjects. However, this freedom is beginning to be taken for granted and today it’s used for legitimate as well as criminal purposes too.

Here’s an example of an unwarranted purpose for blogging: Blog in the name of a known identity. People are likely to confuse messages posted on the blog as the online identity of the well-known and this can have telling effects. However, when one examines the law in this regard, one realises that the law has not developed in this area. There are therefore very few effective remedies, especially because blogging sites are located outside the country and are out of reach.

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