Interesting facts about Interesting people…

Hitler loved animals, and was quite merciful towards them. History’s most feared man was also a strict vegetarian.

Pictured here in his judo gear, Putin was originally turned down by his judo instructors. The teachers didn’t think that 14-year-old Vladimir was tall enough.But young Vladimir didn’t lose hope. Today, Russian President Putin has a black belt in judo!

Late Yasser Arafat, leader of the Palestine Liberation Organisation, was deeply interested in politics, so much so that it took him seven years to graduate!
Not without a sense of humour, Yasser is known to have guests wait so he can watch his favourite television show, Tom & Jerry!

At age four, the Dalai Lama was named the Supreme head of Tibet!
Having authored over 500 books, his primary hobby still remains collecting and repairing watches!

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