Cultivating the habit of innovation

To most of us, innovation is a process executed at “special” times when we need to break new ground. Ironically, at those times, we’re usually too rusty to be innovative. Why should we save our best efforts for rare occasions?

The first trait integral to the habit of innovation is awareness-of yourself and external circumstances.

Curiosity flows seamlessly from awareness. Once you open yourself to the nuances of life, it’s hard not to find things that fascinate you and to begin wondering why.
To be curious, you must give yourself the freedom to risk and make mistakes.

Awareness and curiosity expand your options, but once you move toward a solution, you need to focus-to go beneath the surface and give full attention to what you’re doing.

Awareness awakens us to what’s going on, curiosity lets us gather ideas, and focus lets us nurture particular ideas. But the innovative spirit without action is like the proverbial tree falling in the forest with no one to hear it. Initiative to act gives purpose and momentum to the habit of innovation.

Putting It Together: The Habit of Innovation

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