Sources of new ideas for Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs frequently use the following sources of ideas:

1. Consumers– the potential consumer should be the final focal point of ideas for the entrepreneurs. The attention to inputs from potential consumers can take the form of informally monitoring potential ideas or needs or formally arranging for consumers to have an opportunity to express their concerns. Care needs to be taken to ensure that the new idea or the needs represents a large enough market to support a new venture.

2. Existing Companies– with the help of an established formal methods potential entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs can evaluate competitive products & services on the market which may result in new and more market appealing products and services.

3. Distribution channels– members of the distribution channels are familiar with the needs of the market and hence can prove to be excellent sources of new ideas. Not only do the channel members help in finding out unmet or partially met demands leading to new products and services, they also help in marketing the offerings so developed.

4. Government– it can be a source of new product ideas in two ways firstly, the patent office files contain numerous product possibilities that can assist entrepreneurs in obtaining specific product information, and secondly, response to government regulations can come in the form of new product ideas.

5. Research & development– Entrepreneur’s own R&D is the largest source of new idea. A formal and well-equipped research and development department enables the entrepreneur to conceive and develop successful new product ideas.

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