Mobile filmmaking

As MMS clippings continue doing their rounds, a few heads at the Discovery Networks Asia and Nokia make an endeavour to reinvent the concept of filmmaking.

The new genre called mobile filmmaking is soon to hit the mobile users as the companies are gearing up to launch Mobile First Time Filmmakers Contest. The contest seeks to provide the consumers a ticket to venture into mobile filmmaking.

What’s the funda?

Using the Nokia N90 multimedia device contestants can create their own personal high-quality mobile films with their Nokia camera phones.

This use of mobile technology will gradually contribute to the evolution and growth of documentary filmmaking and the way content is utilised by mobile phone users.

How to go about it?

Participants can send a photo or a video of their favourite icon that represents the values and hopes of their community, not more than nine seconds in duration with a brief description.

The icon can be anything ranging from an old shop house in an alley, a vintage car, or even a childhood game, which conveys its significance. The contest, which started on August 1, is open to individuals aged 18.

Entries can be submitted through the website The last date for submissions is Sunday September 4, 2005.

What next?

15 participants will be short-listed and flown to Singapore in September to attend a workshop organized to learn more about mobile filmmaking techniques. In addition, the fifteen selected filmmakers will each receive a Nokia N90, which they will use to shoot and submit their final entries.

Big moolah

One among the 15 contenders will get to win a cash prize of US$10,000. It might look as a distant dream but it’s worth a try for all camera phone users.


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