Simple steps to learn to be more Creative !

1. Be conscious of your nose
If you are thinking of nose in the middle of your face then you are wrong! ,‘conscious’ means to be aware of what’s going on around you, of being 'in the moment' and also being aware of the passage of time

2. Keep a writing pad to record your thoughts/ideas – no matter how stupid they seem at the time.

3. Think Visually (visual thinking)
The more views you have – the more perspectives
The more Perspectives – the more probabilities
The more Probabilities – the more potential solutions
The more Solutions – the more opportunities
The more Opportunities – the more BENEFITS!

4. Brainstorm Ideas
Use brainstorming to get as many ideas or alternatives as possible. The more you have to work on the better the outcome, aim for a minimum of 30.

5.Find multiple solutions or alternatives

6. Involve as many people as you can
Many hands make light work.

7. Make thinking effectively a habit

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