Few More Ways to Think about Creativity if U..


1. Failure to ask questions.
Taking things for granted can kill creativity.
2. Failure to record ideas.
You never know which ideas will help you tomorrow, so keep them all: in a notebook, on scraps of paper in a folder –- whatever method works.
3. Failure to revisit ideas.
Review your notes for past projects.
4. Failure to express ideas.
Articulate your thoughts to others (or to yourself when you’re alone).
5. Failure to think in new ways.
Get out of the box by doing something new: Instead of making a list of pros and cons.
6. Failure to wish for more.
Learn the value of wishful thinking.
7. Failure to try being creative.
Avoid the trap of thinking you aren’t a creative person.
8. Failure to keep trying.
So keep trying until you get the success.

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