Methods to enchance inner Creativity

"Each of us may not do great things,
but all of us can do small things in a great way."

There are many ways to reach this inner creative potential. First we need to put the ego to rest temporarily. Creative insight always feels like a momentary gap has been opened and a burst of light has surfaced.

*Self-Awareness: The practice of self-awareness runs through all the great religious and philosophical disciplines.This is a non-judgmental form of watching one's daily actions and thoughts in the present moment in a detached frame of mind.

* Soft-Focus: This is an excellent way to stop the thinking process in an immediate and busy environment.When you create a soft-focus the ego is temporarily set aside and the subconscious mind where inner creativity abounds can come to the surface.

* Light-Heartedness: This is an excellent frame of mind to keep the personality ego from getting a rigid hold on the psyche and stifling creative thought.Humor embellishes the absurd and unusual, and this is where creativity springs from.

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