E-mail Management

# E-mails are company documents.
# E-mails are not private; they belong to Microsoft
# Always think about how your e-mail reflects on you and Microsoft.
# E-mails you create can become public.
# Never use e-mail to make inappropriate comments about people or situations.
# While writing e-mails

* Be very concise.
* Don’t exaggerate points.
* Use appropriate language for business communication.
* Don’t disparage others in anyway.
* Don’t offer legal interpretations.

# Be careful when selecting to whom the e-mail will be distributed or forwarded.
# The bottom line is:treat all e-mail as professional communications.They're not personal; they're business documents.
# While there are plenty of instances where being creative in our jobs is a good thing, when it comes to e-mail, it’s in everyone’s best interest to follow the business rules.

Source- Shachi


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