The idea of open source … & India

Open source software has two properties :
(a) the “source code” (the programs themselves) is freely distributed, and
(b) it is generally illegal to convert this into a proprietary version. While the rules of the game require that the program itself should be distributed at zero cost, traditional commercial contracts govern consulting, customisation and support.

Open source and economic growth in India.
From an economist’s perspective, what can we say about the impact upon India’s economy of open source software? Hardware and software are capital goods. When the price of software drops to zero, it means that information technology is available at a lower cost. This improves the speed at which India’s economy can grow.

If IT implementations (today) in India primarily rely on stolen software, then the appeal of free software as a device for cost–reduction is limited. However, most larger companies are increasingly unwilling to take the risk of using pirated software

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