Want to be a star Performer !!!!

Climbing the corporate ladder is not easy. The office corridors abound with gory tales of friends turning into colleagues, and colleagues turning fierce competitors.

Is aspiring for the hat of the head honcho, then, asking for too much? No.

Everyone longs for a better deal in life, but few are ready to pay the price. Success does not come to you. You have to go get it.

Here are the some of tips may help you

1.Do some soul searching

Once we get into the grind, few of us take time out for introspection. Get to specifics. What is it that’s making you underachieve?

Is it your obsessive boyfriend/girlfriend, your own weak resolve, lack of consistency or plain old lethargy? Believe it or not, lethargy is most often the culprit. Write down why you put things off, procrastinate or limit yourself. Only then can you focus on strategies to chip away at it. Most of us spend more time planning vacations than we do planning our career.

Ask yourself some tough questions, like –

a. Do you have a flair for connecting with people?
b. Are you good at motivating people?
c. Do you crave an adrenaline rush or do you go by the book?
d. Do your personality traits match the job profile you are looking at?

2.Get organised

Successful professionals swear by the mantra of ‘planning ahead’ in order to soar at the workplace.

Start your day with a ‘to do’ list. Gather your supplies and resources for each task, set priorities and get similar tasks done together. Prioritising is important. If you have a lot on your plate, it becomes essential too. Of all the work you need to sink your teeth into, sort out what’s important and urgent, what’s important but not urgent, what’s urgent and not important and, finally, what’s neither important nor urgent but needs to get done.

3. Set time frames
Give yourself a deadline. They are necessary evils. Nothing gets done without a set time frame.
Putting in face time is criminal. It is not important how many hours you linger around at the office. What counts is how much you generate in a given time frame.

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