Here are the few Questions that Open Source Firms face

February 8, 2006

How do firms compete with open source?
What resources become critical in managing their growth?
What strategies do they adopt to co-exist with dominant proprietary software firms?
How do they interface with communities of practice to exploit network externalities? What strategies do they adopt to lock-in developers?

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Java Users at Risk

February 8, 2006

There are a number of really good reasons to update to the latest version of Java. Not the least of which is the fact that older versions of the Java Runtime Environment have now been reported to be at risk from seven highly critical vulnerabilities. More here

GNU General Public License (GPL)

February 8, 2006

The GNU General Public License (GPL) is based on the idea of copyleft—the philosophical opposite of copyright, built using existing copyright laws. This aspect of the GPL is sometimes referred to as "viral," since any derived work of a GPL’d product is covered under the GPL, including the parts not originally licensed under the GPL.