8 Golden Rules for the Indian Market

February 10, 2006

Rule 1: Start Early. The mistake most companies make while entering the Indian market is that they delay their market entry until they feel that the Indian market can give them substantial returns

Rule 2: Have a Long-Term Vision. Companies must take the long view in India. The typical time horizon for success must be between 3-5 years.

Rule 3: Establish a Direct Presence. Having an Indian distributor does not count as entering the Indian market.


Top 10 Innovation Myths

February 10, 2006

10. We don't innovate around here any more.

9. Product life cycles are getting shorter and shorter. "And whose fault is that? If you do not differentiate in hard-to-copy ways, you cannot expect what differentiation you do create to be long-lived… Sustainable differentiation requires barriers to entry and barriers to exit."

8. We need a chief innovation officer. "Like a hole in the head. Think about what your true goal is: you want innovation that creates differentiation that leads to customer preference during buying decisions."

7. We need to be more like Google.

6. R&D investment is a good indicator of innovation commitment.

5. Great innovators are usually egotistical mavericks.

4. Great innovation is inherently disruptive.

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