What does open source mean in India?

March 9, 2006

Open Source can play very important role in making India economically and technological strong. And this can not happen unless access to IT is easily available to Indians.

As we all know that, India has 888,000 educational institutions and 350 million children in the age group of 6-19.At the individual level, India's per capita income is Rs 20,862 ($474), while PC hardware costs Rs 10,000 ($227) and software costs approximately Rs 11,000 ($250). This means that the cost of hardware and software is more than the annual income of most Indians!

Open Source in India simply implies a 'radical' and 'fresh' approach to our burgeoning problems. Besides the Linux operating system, LAMP as a stack is also catching on in India. The Open Source development stack is becoming popular among students and developers in general due to its easy availability and widespread community support.

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