Creativity & Leadership

Creativity & Leadership both are the two different words but to develop them you need to have the fire.

"Everyone has creative potential, but creative people think they are creative."

Self-esteem is one of the most important elements of creativity. People must believe in their ability to develop original ideas and they must continue to believe in themselves after repeated failures.

Creativity flourishes in an environment that rewards attempts, as well as successes, and is conducive to failure. People must feel comfortable failing before they will repeatedly take risks or attempt creative approaches.

Four stages of the creative process:

1. Explorer. Finding new ideas and resources from which an idea may be built.

2. Artist. Transforming ideas (gathered by the explorer) into something new.

3. Judge. Ideas developed by the artist are evaluated and their merits are weighed; suggestions are offered on how they can be improved or further developed.

4. Warrior. Implementation of the ideas approved by the judge requiring persistence and determination.

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