6 Ways to Boost Kids’ Creativity

June 15, 2006

Everyone has a special gift of creativity. But, sometimes people need a little encouragement to discover their creative talents, especially children. In order to help kids' creativity shine, Hallmark Gold Crown Stores and Crayola products have teamed up to encourage the artistic expression and unbridled creativity that is so important in children's development. In the spirit of celebrating kids' creativity, Hallmark and Crayola products share these simple guidelines for unleashing the creativity in your kids.

1. Look for projects that can get your kids excited about art. Help your children find the art activities that they enjoy most, be it drawing, sculpting, painting, or something else and then take a passionate interest in helping them enjoy and excel in those areas.

2. Praise your children's efforts. Ask your children to tell you about their drawings or other art projects. Watch their eyes light up as your interest prompts a detailed explanation. Be sure they know how unique and creative you think their work is.

3. Give young children a hand. Depending on what kind of project children tackle, they may need your assistance to help fulfill their vision. Don't be shy about pitching in without taking over. This also provides cherished opportunities to spend extra quality time with your children.

4. Provide an art area where mess won't matter. Being creative can get a bit messy at times. Don't let that squelch your children's creativity, though. Create a special corner in a bedroom or family room specifically for art activities. Also, take advantage of structured outside art activities where someone else keeps things tidy while the kids keep busy.

5. Enjoy your children's individual talents. Show that you think their projects are special by proudly displaying them in your home and office. Remember, your supportive comments and enthusiasm will fuel their efforts and boost their confidence.

6. Start a scrapbook with photos of finished projects (or the projects themselves if they fit in scrapbook format). It may not be possible to display every artistic masterpiece. But you can keep a scrapbook of completed projects for kids and visitors to behold. You'll be surprised how much enjoyment others will receive by thumbing through the scrapbook and how many ideas for additional projects it generates.