Few possible Marketing and Sales solutions can be


  • Lead generation,
  • Educating prospects on product/ service
  • Building closer channel relationship
  • Training your sales team 

Webinars – Webinars and Webcasts combine the convenience of anytime, anywhere viewing with the high impact of rich media to provide a compelling audience experience. Webinars can be leveraged for a variety of purposes: reach more prospects, enhance sales and corporare presentation,build channel relationships, and deliver cost-effective training. They can also be reused and localized to reach a wider audience at an incremental cost.

Podcasts            A powerful way to share your content on the Internet with a focused audience,podcasts offer advantage of anytime/ anywhere access.           

Marketing clips          The clips, ranging from short elevator pitches and promotional banners to more detailed presentations,seamlessly combine graphics, animations and script to make a powerful impact

Contd. from my previous blog


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