How To Generate Business-to-Business Sales Leads

  1. Planning:


You must be clear about your goals and objectives if you want to reach them. You also need to plan what you want to do and how you would do it.

For this you may need to understand your current situation, past activities, your strengths, opportunities available etc.

  1. Targeting:


You also need to know who you want to reach. How you target and segment your market would have enormous impact on your expenses and the efficacy of your tactics. This would require research and analysis of the target market and competition.

  1. Developing Alternatives / Options:


There are many ways to reach your prospects and appeal to them to make them interested in your offerings.

However, not all of these options would be feasible. Based upon previous two activities you need to identify the options that would be most effective given your budget, resources available and target market.

  1. Implementation:


This is where you would need to do the media selection and develop creative for your sales lead generation campaigns.

This would also include testing, results analysis, and production control.

     5. Follow-Up / Relationship Building:


This deals with response capture and response conversion. In this the stage you generate and capture responses and build relationship with your prospects.

The response management is a very crucial part of your sales leads generation program as it converts sales leads into revenue.


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