Old Marketing Logic / New Marketing Logic

Old Marketing Logic

  • Emphasises value-creation at point of delivery
  • Communicates mostly tangible value through attributes of the product
  • Focuses on transaction and exchange value
  • Can’t help but provide asymmetric Information (selective communication of product value attributes to stimulate desired customer response)
  • Customers are viewed as passive objects or resources to be acted upon and owned for lifetime value
  • Aims to merely satisfy the customer through mixing the firms marketing resources (4P’s)
  • Manipulates the language and systems of relationship marketing to suit own ends
  • Places primacy of firm over customer value

New Marketing Logic

  • Emphasises engagement and exchange of intangibles such as skills, knowledge and processes
  • Provides “offerings” which generate experiences which create personalised value
  • Generates a two-way flow of value between firm and customer, therefore values these interactions as learning investments
  • Moves into the customer sphere of “value-in-use” by assisting the customer to derive value from multiple, ongoing interactions with the firm and its products and services
  • Focuses on assisting customer to achieve multiple experience desired outcomes, which vary according to unique customer events and contexts
  • Develops customer capabilities and makes knowledge the primary source of competitive advantage
  • Aligns business partners with the customer’s view of value
  • Creates mutual alignment and a blurring of roles between firm and customer and the co-creation of value
  • Marketing shifts to centre stage as an holistic organising process of value-creation

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