Want to improve your self-confidence

What: The Indo-American Society, Mumbai, is conducting a Personality Development course and a Public Speaking course.

Where: Indo-American Society, Fort, Mumbai

When: July 24 to 29


Personality Development Course

Course topics

  • What is Personality?
  • Understanding Yourself
  • Overcoming Shyness
  • Developing Good Communication Skills
  • Listening Skill
  • Motivation
  • Building a Strong Self-image
  • The Art of Solving Problems
  • Developing a Good Self Esteem
  • Goal Setting and Planning for the Future

Public Speaking Course

Course topics

  • Self Confidence � Avoid Nervousness
  • Joy/ Ease and Authority
  • Sincerity and Credibility
  • Enthusiasm and Energy
  • Enhancing leadership qualities
  • Fundamentals of clear expression
  • Text and subtext in Public Speaking
  • Stage Presence and Visual aspects of Public Speaking
  • Tone and Vocal aspects of Public Speaking
  • Language and Verbal aspects of Public Speaking

Fee: Rs 3,367

How to register?

~ Please contact Rashmi/ Geetanjali to register.


Fort: (022) 22074882, 22074883

Mulund: (022) 32622258, 32622561


Indo-American Society
Kitab Mahal
5-D Sukhadwala Marg
Mumbai — 400 001

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