Danger in the dark – Bangalore

July 27, 2006

Here aresome of the accident occured in recent past, city is going to loose its charm!!

June 24: At 11.30pm, four men stopped a software engineer on Hosur Road, punched him in the face and made away with Rs 500, his gold ring, watch and mobile.

June 24 : At 9.30pm, Sunil Kumar, a businessman, was returning to New Byappanahalli, when three men snatched his bag containing Rs 1 lakh at knife point.

June 28: A man driving was stopped at HIG Colony by two men, who threatened him, and robbed him of cash and valuables amounting to Rs 35,000.

July 1 : Two men waylaid a motorcyclist, slapped him and robbed him of his gold chain and mobile worth Rs 24,000, near Hebbal.

July 6 : Pretending to ask for directions, three armed men threatened a man on Eagle Street near Richmond Road and stole his mobile phone.

July 6: Four men assaulted a man who had asked for a lift in their SUV on Old Madras Road, and robbed him of cash.

July 12 : At 9pm, a 17-yearold student had returned a DVD to a store on Church Street and walked to Museum Road to catch an auto. He was accosted by two young men who accused him of being a part of a rowdy gang. He handed over his phone to them to ‘make a call’ to verify their claims. They disappeared with his phone.

July 13 : An auto driver threatened his passenger at gun point near Magadi Road and robbed him of the gold he had just bought.

July 16 : Four men waiting for a bus to Kolar were assaulted and robbed by five men who came in a van near Krishnarajapuram.

July 19: A couple was attacked with chilli powder at a coffee house on 18th cross, Malleswaram, and robbed of their mobiles.

July 21 : A couple was attacked at an ice-cream parlour in Vyalikaval with chilli powder, and robbed of their mobiles worth Rs 35,000.
and the list continues….


14 tips to keep your laptops fit

July 27, 2006


  1. Do not place the notebook on uneven or unstable work surfaces. Seek servicing if the casing has been damaged.
  2. Do not place or drop objects on top of the notebook and do not shove any foreign objects into the notebook PC.
  3. Do not press or touch the display panel.
  4. Do not place together with small items that may scratch or enter the notebook PC.
  5. Do not expose to or use near liquids, rain or moisture.
  6. Do not use the modem during an electrical storm.
  7. Do not expose to strong magnetic or electrical fields.
  8. Do not throw batteries in any fire as they may explode. Check local codes for special battery disposal instructions.
  9. Do not leave the notebook PC on your lap or any part of the body while it is turned ON or is charging in order to prevent discomfort or injury from heat exposure.
  10. Do not expose to extreme temperatures below 0�C (32�F), otherwise the notebook PC may not boot.
  11. Do not expose to extreme temperatures above 50�C (122�F) or to direct sunlight.
  12. Do not block the fan vents!
  13. Input rating: Must only receive power input of 19VDC, 3.42A (65W).
  14. Safe temperature: This notebook PC should only be used in environments with ambient temperatures between 0�C (32�F) and 35�C (95�F).