Microsoft forges ties with open source maker Zend

October 31, 2006

Microsoft Corp. and open source software maker Zend, whose products create programs that compete with ones built for Windows, said on Tuesday the two companies have struck a long-term partnership.

Twelve-year-old PHP runs on more than 22 million Web sites and is used inside 15,000 companies.

Source: Reuters

Ways to better your online job search

October 17, 2006
  1. Find the right site
  2. Understand the site
  3. Know how companies search
  4. Spend time on keywords
  5. Personalise your CV
  6. Know the actual recruiter
  7. Offline tie-ups and support services?

Some popular job sites

So, while the search tools and medium may be slightly different, at the end of the day, nothing beats a well-made CV that shows your interest in a particular job.

Reference: Rediff