About ISO 14000

ISO 14000 is a new series of standards that were formulated to promote a common approach to environmental management. ISO 14000 offers guidance on how companies can manage their environmental impacts through establishing an effective environmental management system (EMS). ISO 14000 is expected to become a harmonized, worldwide standard for environmental management.

Environmental management is no longer just a guidance manual or a job description, but is a new paradigm. It is a powerful industry tool that integrates the facility’s organization, operations, procedures, customer service, and marketing activities in defining environmental and regulatory compliance options. This broad and multifaceted approach has the following potential benefits:

  • Improves cost control;
  • Conserves input materials and energy;
  • Assures customers of commitment to demonstrable environmental management and reasonable care;
  • Maintains good public/community relations;
  • Satisfies investor criteria and improves access to capital;
  • Makes it possible to obtain insurance at reasonable cost;
  • Enhances image and market share;
  • Meets vendor certification criteria;
  • Reduces incidents that result in liability;
  • Facilitates obtaining permits and authorization;
  • Fosters development and sharing environmental solutions; and
  • Improves industry-government relations.

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