The right way to quit your job

Normally such thoughts comes into our minds Why had he left? “I had kind of reached saturation point with the work I was doing at the time. Then why the return? “I enjoyed my new profile and the new job was challenging.

But why do people leave thier jobs on a bad note? “There are quite a few reasons for that:

    • When their expectations are not met
    • They find it difficult to get adjusted to the organisations culture
    • There is a gap between what is expected and what is communicated. Inefficiency in expectation management.
    • Difference of opinion among the peers, politics, favoritism etc
    • Sometimes, when there is a change of management and a new dimension is added to their roles and responsibilities and after trying hard to negotiate they find it difficult to accept the new term

How to quit gracefully

  • Serve your notice period
  • Explain why you are leaving and that you would be interested in returning at a future date
  • Perform productively during your notice period
  • Hire or help hire a replacement
  • Train your replacement to the best of your ability
  • Do not steal or delete files/data that you have worked on
  • Stay in touch with ex-colleagues/bosse

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