No 3G For iPhone In India!

Bharti Airtel and Vodafone, both are bringing the iPhone 3G to India and have started bookings for the phone as well. But what no one is talking about right now is that there is actually no 3G network in India yet. If we look at the promises the telecom department has been making for the past few years, there is no deadline for 3G roll-out in India. There was a dialogue in Matrix movie where Neo, when arrested by agents, asks for a phone call. Agent Smith says, “How good is a phone call, when you can’t speak?” as he had sealed his lips. So, here one can say, “How good is the iPhone 3G when there is no 3G network in the country?” Should consumers fall for that and buy iPhone 3G, which will not be able to offer 3G services despite being a 3G device?

A Non 3G, iPhone 3G

Nathan Burley, an Australia-based analyst with the international research firm, Ovum, explains, “There is no other iPhone model to sell so that is the only model available. Apple is pushing the 3G model very aggressively. I think there are a lot of un-locked or cracked iPhone available in India. But through this, Apple will get the Indian market. Well, the iPhone 3G will run on 2G network as well, so you will be able to do a lot of things like the Internet access and other stuff, but the experience will not be that good as compared to running these on a 3G network. Still since iPhone is more about a style statement and the rich interface so at least people will be able to use it and flaunt it.”

When Will It Be 3G?
It is going to take quite a while for Indians to reap the benefits of 3G that the device offers? Looking back in history, there have been more promises made than met. The frequency that 3G networks use was assigned to defence forces in India, and it took quite a time to release that frequency as defence forces needed to build the infrastructure to migrate from that frequency. That was followed by the expulsion of the much adored minister Dayanidhi Maran due to some political issues. The change of minister further delayed the arrival of 3G in India.

A. Raja took over as the minister of communications and information technology in May last year and after taking his time to settle down has started the 3G drive. The government is trying to put things in place by announcing 3G guidelines and policies. There will soon be an auction of the 3G spectrum in India by the end of September.

Just few days ago, Indian government approved the release of one block of the 3G Spectrum each to BSNL and MTNL, the two public sector telephone service providers. The Spectrum blocks released for the two companies have the size of 2×5 MHz in 2.1 GHz Band. “Besides this special consideration for BSNL and MTNL, 3G/BWA Spectrum would be allocated through an auction
process to be conducted by a specialised agency. For the Spectrum blocks released to them, BSNL and MTNL will pay a price equal to the highest bid in the respective service areas,” a press statement says.

Source: EFY Times

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  2. makuchaku says:

    Excellent article on 3G’s state in India. Please see a related article about iPhone 3G in India at my blog – click on my name (no permissions to add link comments here)


  3. Hi Makuchaku, your bolgs are also great. What are you doing..

  4. makuchaku says:

    Hey Abhishek, thanks for visiting the blog…
    I’m a Ruby on Rails developer from New Delhi – and have just ordered an Android G1 (from Google) :))

  5. Szemere says:

    I looked up the awesome new Apple Ipad. Is it predicted to dominate the Iphone?

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