Race to the White House

poll_obama_vs_mccain1America is just hours away from knowing who will be the country’s new President.

As the race for the White House nears the finish line, we bring you facts about America and presidential candidates Barack Obama and John McCain.

  • If Barack Obama wins, he will become the first African-American president
  • If McCain wins, he will be the first president from Arizona
  • If McCain wins, Sarah Palin will be USA’s first female Vice President
  • Nineteen of the 43 presidents have been Republicans; 14 Democrats
  • The most states ever won by a presidential candidate is 49
  • In 2000, half a million more people voted for Al Gore than for George Bush, but Gore lost
  • This is the first election in 24 years without a Bush or a Clinton contesting
  • Four presidents have won despite losing the popular vote
  • $1.5 billion: Amount spent in this US elections, the highest ever
  • If McCain wins he will be the oldest US president.

Source: NDTV

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