Time to reevaluate H1B Visas

h1-visaI came across the beautiful article written by Judi Hasson on Time to reevaluate H1B Visas, I think its high time to check this.

The high tech community has been lobbying not only to maintain the H1B visa program but to expand it on the premise that employers cannot find enough qualified American workers to meet their needs. This issue of Fierce CIO reports on word that federal government has found that employers have been abusing the system, engaging in fraud and even paying foreign workers less than they were entitled to receive.

The report is quite shocking. Investigators found forged documents, fake degrees and companies giving fake addresses to obtain the permits. The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services report was released by Sen. Chuck Grassley (IA), a critic of the visa system.

“This report validates the major flaws in the H1B visa program that we have been discussing for some time,” Grassley said. “Until we make a conscious effort to close the loopholes, we’re going to see continued abuse. This report is proof that reform must come sooner rather than later. The program ought to operate the way Congress intended so qualified, high-tech American workers aren’t left behind.”

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One Response to Time to reevaluate H1B Visas

  1. TL Winslow says:

    The age-old pesky U.S.-Mexico border problem has taxed the resources of both countries, led to long lists of injustices, and appears to be heading only for worse troubles in the future. Guess what? The border problem can never be solved. Why? Because the border IS the problem! It’s time for a paradigm change.

    Never fear, a satisfying, comprehensive solution is within reach: the Megamerge Dissolution Solution. Simply dissolve the border along with the failed Mexican government, and megamerge the two countries under U.S. law, with mass free 2-way migration eventually equalizing the development and opportunities permanently, with justice and without racism, and without threatening U.S. sovereignty or basic principles.

    Click the url and read about the new paradigm for U.S.-Mexico relations.

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