Terrorists were in touch with Karachi via satphones: again Pakistan!!

According to highly reliable intelligence sources, two boatfuls of weapons and some 18-20 terrorists most likely came from Karachi in Pakistan.

Intelligence agencies are zeroing in on the Lashkar-e-Tayiba as the agency behind the terror attacks.

The initial interrogation of terrorists captured in Mumbai has yielded some basic information. According to sources, for some time the directions kept coming “live” to the terrorists in Mumbai via satellite phones.

The intelligence sources said information is coming out quite rapidly  because some six terrorists, who are in the custody of the Mumbai police, are under interrogation right now. He said the entire operation was led by Pakistani operators of the LeT but he doesn’t rule out the involvement of some local youngsters in it.

“They are successful and we have failed,” said the police officer with the agency. He said these attacks show that “the terrorists want to show that India is an unsafe place to do business in. The way they have focused on foreigners, they want to make Mumbai unattractive for foreign nationals.”


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