Hemant Karkare, Maharashta Police’s Anti-Terrorism Squad chief killed Pay your tribute

14806720_hemant_salskarHemant Karkare, Maharashta Police’s Anti-Terrorism Squad chief, was among the 11 police officials who were killed while fighting terrorists in Mumbai on Thursday.

Karkare, 54, was killed in a shootout with terrorists at the Taj Intercontinental Hotel where terrorists have taken at least 15 people hostage.

Additional commissioner Ashok Kamte and ‘encounter specialist’ Vijay Saluskar were killed in a shootout with terrorists at Metro Cinema.

Karkare, a 1982 batch IPS officer, had returned to his state cadre after a seven-year tenure with the Research and Analysis Wing, Indian external intelligence agency, in Austria. His death is likely to affect the probe into the Malegaon blast.

IPS oficer Sadanand Date was killed in a separate gun battle. There were seven other police officials among the at least 78 killed in the coordinated terror attacks late on Wednesday night.

Pay your tribute to ATS Chief Hemat Karkare

Source: IBN lIVE

7 Responses to Hemant Karkare, Maharashta Police’s Anti-Terrorism Squad chief killed Pay your tribute

  1. flok says:

    Late Mr. Hemant Karkare loss is the loss of nation. Our intellegence people has to learn that what they are paid for. If such happenings get occurred then for waht are they. They should be penalised for negligence.


  2. That’s very well said Flok, if someone identified for his negligence they should be not only penalized but as per me I think they to given punishment which makes an example infront of others and make them scare to do such things.

  3. Chirag says:

    They say . their allah have sahadat and they have not come to fear. Listen Cockroch … Indian Milatry man also not came just like that.. woh bhi sir utha ke nahi chale aaaye.. woh bhi marne ki liye aaaye hai… aur tumko marne ke liye…. What you think of your sahadat…. and what you think sahadat of our Army man.. their is lot of difference and you will soon realise when you reach hell… youi have Address of God which does not exist and Address is also wrong… Only our Army man and police man will go to heaven…. its just matter of you realising soon after your death … we will kill u like cockroches

  4. Well said Chirag, they can not always do anything on the name of Sahadat. And our Arm forces are not here to listen to them, they were clearly instructed by govt. no negotiation or talk to these terrorist BULLET for BULLETS. I still believe government should have taken before and now it must take some solid steps to avoid such situation in near future.

    And it can be done only when –

    Harsh rules are made
    We choose right government or leaders
    share your views too

  5. Chopra says:

    The death of Hemant karkare has shocked everyone…This was a man of honour and courage. Who else puts their life on the line for a nation??? He will ALWAYS be remembered.
    I have paid him my respects on a tribute that has been created in his honour.


  6. We all should be standing all together and fight against this inactive/ sleeping government because of them we lost real hero’s who should up to save hundreds of innocent people.

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