Mumbai | Indians needs answers

The city of Mumbai is angry, as is the rest of the country. People across Mumbai reacted by holding candle light vigils for those who died in the recent terror attacks. They also asked why the government failed completely in protecting them and their city.

Angry Mumbaikars were on the streets, saying that enough is enough. For instance, in South Mumbai’s Colaba, citizens gathered after an SMS did the rounds on Sunday.

“We want to honour those who have lost their lives and protest against politicians who did nothing,” said a Mumbai resident.

By Sunday night, the protests had grown and spread. It’s a movement that’s building.

“Initially, I saw journalists ducking when the shots were fired. Then by the third day they got used to it. They should not get used to it,” said a woman protester.

The shock of the brutal terror attacks turned into grief and now, anger.The public anger is directed at politicians for failing to protect them.


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