Jagore Voter Registration

Do you want to register online to vote in this upcoming elections then click www.jaagore.com

6 Responses to Jagore Voter Registration

  1. nilesh jain says:

    i’m 30 yrs old n sinc i’ve shifted my house my name s not in voters list so kindly put me in d list n oblige

  2. nitesh sharma says:

    i am 21 year old i have shifted my house but my name is nit in voters list so kindly put me in the list.

  3. Hi Nilesh/Nitesh

    I would suggest you to visit http://www.jaagore.com hope it helps you.


  4. i am 23 year old my name is put voters lits

  5. R. Sridharan Iyengar says:

    I am staying in Mumbai from 2006 and I have no voters ID sofar in India,. Any help you vcan provide please.

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