Reasons why people fail in interviews

There are many reasons, why a person fails in an interview, but let us see some of the common ones.

1. Lack of preparation

Of all the reasons, this is the foremost one. It includes carrying improper CV, inappropriate dress code, completely unaware of interview questions and positive answers etc.

2. Casualness

Let us cross the bridge when it comes’ does not apply to interviews. One needs to be geared up 100 per cent before the interview.

3. Failing to understand the job role

This is a typical problem with a few of the candidates. They are completely unaware of what the job requires one to do.

If you are going through a consultant or got an interview call from the company directly, get the job description completely. In the event of responding to walk-in ads in newspaper, if you are not sure about the job description, spend some time on the Internet to know about your role.

4. Lack of skills

A good qualification alone is not sufficient, but host of other skills such as good communications, interpersonal skills, analytical abilities, personality etc. are also vital.

5. No proper focus

During the interview, some candidates lose out, because they are not able to convince the employer about their interest in the position applied for. If you are applying for a job in marketing, stay focused on it.

6. Lack of subject knowledge

Irrespective of you being a fresher or an experienced professional, revisit your subject before going for the interview.

7. Lack of confidence

When the candidate uses too many negative words such as, ‘I am not sure’, ‘May be I can’, etc., it does portray lack of confidence to the employer.

The negative gestures or negative body language plays spoilsport in your selection. Instead use words such as ‘Surely’, ‘I can do it’, ‘It’s challenging but I can do it’ etc.

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