New state formation process: India

Step 1: Presidential reference is sent to state Assembly
Step 2: After Presidential reference, a resolution is tabled and passed in Assembly
Step 3: Assembly has to pass a Bill creating the new state
Step 4: A separate Bill has to be ratified by Parliament

Pending State Demands

  1. Vidarbha ( out of Maharashta )
  2. Harit Pradesh (out of UP )
  3. Poorvanchal , Bundelkhand ( out of UP and MP )
  4. Kosala ( out of Orissa )
  5. Gorkhaland (out of  West Bengal)

19 Responses to New state formation process: India

  1. Wrong interpretation, find here with what constitution says. State legislature is required to express its opinion. it is not required to pass a bill or resolution says:

    3. Formation of new States and alteration of areas, boundaries or
    names of existing States.-Parliament may by law-
    (a) form a new State by separation of territory from any State or by
    uniting two or more States or parts of States or by uniting any
    territory to a part of any State;
    (b) increase the area of any State;
    (c) diminish the area of any State;
    (d) alter the boundaries of any State;
    (e) alter the name of any State:
    _6[Provided that no Bill for the purpose shall be introduced in either
    House of Parliament except on the recommendation of the President and
    unless, where the proposal contained in the Bill affects the area,
    boundaries or name of any of the States _7***, the Bill has been
    referred by the President to the Legislature of that State for
    expressing its views thereon within such period as may be specified in
    the reference or within such further period as the President may allow
    and the period so specified or allowed has expired.]
    _8[Explanation I.-In this article, in clauses (a) to (e), “State”
    includes a Union territory, but in the proviso, “State” does not
    include a Union territory.
    Explanation II.-The power conferred on Parliament by clause (a)
    includes the power to form a new State or Union territory by uniting a
    part of any State or Union territory to any other State or Union

  2. sudha says:

    I request the Indian govt to not to dived the state for pollitical benifits.

    If the states are divided unity will be lost gradualy

    thanking you

    • sudhakar says:

      I think our government not functioning as much it has to function, due to this some regions are developing and some areas are not developed so far, that’s why demand was came, for new states. it is better to having the small states, but new states formation has to be done taking to consideration of few things, they are
      1) security i.e., mavoist, terrarists etc., problems
      2) proper system establishment for new states
      3) proper funding is necessary
      4) have to maintain law & order
      I think alteration/modification or new state formation may bring changes in our growth rate ( positively )

    • Saiesh Kamath says:

      India is quasi-federal and not a union meaning center has more power than the states. People will still believe they are Indians first and then the residents of their states.

  3. Shawn Cessor says:

    Outstanding entry. I thank you posting that. I hope you can accept my apology for my weak English writing, I am from Portugal and it is somehat new to me.

  4. nicely put…1 st one was incorrect

  5. but not complete explanation

  6. Anupam says:

    Central Govt has the final say in state formation in India, whereas the proposal must originate from the affected state.
    Though politically motivated, but I firmly believe that some of the demands for statehood are genuine and will serve the purpose of people in general.

  7. ram says:

    Among all these Gorkhaland demand is the oldest its been 104 yrs now

  8. Nescafe Dolce Gusto…

    […]New state formation process: India « Free to share your thoughts[…]…

  9. Sam says:

    America had 13 states and now they reach upto 50 states. Looking at our population and size and most importantly looking at the aspirations of the people we need to have more states now. Small states are better administered as we see in Goa, Tripura or sikkim etc. But many believes that small states will divide India , which is wrong why because the our main head is the Parliament and our armed forces are controlled by Preseident and Defence Ministry at the Center govt. Cheif Minister of a state has no such powers.

  10. vuramu says:

    I think Indian govt is been biased to certain communities. created 7 small states out of old Assam. But a more than 50 yrs old demand of Telangana and more tahn 100 yrs old demand of indiginious gorkhas , lepachas is denied. If it is worlds largest democracy it has to be uniform to all.

  11. Mann Basnet says:

    Formation of GorkhaLand out of West Bengal is the genuine demand for Gorkhas.
    Brief Explanations :
    1. Gorkhas has done lots for India.
    2. Like Mahatma Gandhi has sacrifice, Gorkhas peoples do the same.
    3. Gorkha Has 5crore population in India.
    And So much more.

    India govt. should understand the peoples feelings, The feelings of Gorkhas in general.

  12. Arvind Kumar says:

    Congress is not doing with a intention to do good to India or any Indian. In the process of it, it may so happen that this may prove good or bad. Congress’s sole intention is to somehow manage +17 MPs which they suffered loss in last general election, by creating such a state. This fact we should not forget to mention.

  13. M.Narasimhulu says:

    If any state can seperate the following points to be address(it is my persional advice).
    1.Both side of people should not affect by the living
    standards,education,investment,government ruling,all infrastrure.
    2.In case if agree the both side without any litigation u must improve the another side of all facilities within the stipulated period and give the considered date.In this period the same government should be ruling without any interrupt.
    3.All the government should reduce the population through introduce scheme.(like if one child is their family you must give 20% weitage on government jobs whether state or central even government undertaking sector also)
    4.Once the population reduece separation of ruling is not raise the situation.

  14. Anusha says:

    Thank u fr providng infrmation..

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