Blogging claims another victim…

November 4, 2005

Blogging claims another victim, and bloggers here call for self-restraint

Indra Nooyi, Neil French, the 'Dog-shit-girl' from Korea. If there's one thing they have in common, it'd be their dislike for irresponsible blogging. Advertising legend Neil French, the latest to have fallen victim to a bloggers' witch hunt, calls it 'death by blog'. Controversies over blogging are not new closer home too.

In two recent cases, bloggers here burnt their fingers — one, in which the case that they were espousing turned out to be fake, and the second one in which bloggers have been slapped with legal notices for having 'tarnished the reputation' of an institute.

In the second case, the blogger who started it ended up quitting his job because he felt the company had come under pressure.

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Yahoo! has announced its entry into podcasting

October 21, 2005

Yahoo! has announced its entry into podcasting with the beta release of Yahoo! Podcasts. The new Yahoo! Podcasts service enables consumers to easily find,

listen to, rate and review online audio programs.

The entire development of the product took place at Yahoo!'s Bangalore Software Development Centre. “The development of Yahoo! Podcasts from our Bangalore centre brings new market innovations from India for the global market,” said Dr. Prasad Ram, chief technology officer, Yahoo! R&D, India. “Audio Search technology developed at Yahoo! Bangalore is the most sophisticated vertical search product to-date,” he added.

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Mozilla Under Fire is that so ?

September 23, 2005

As allegations of malicious code and heightened insecurity swirl around, Mozilla has updated its Firefox Web browser in what is being termed, "a security and stability release."

Mozilla today released version 1.07 of Firefox, which includes numerous security fixes. Security firm Secunia has rated at least one as "extremely critical."

CAN-2005-2968 titled "Firefox Command Line URL Shell Command Injection" is also known as Mozilla Bugzilla Bug 307185 "URLs passed on the command line are parsed by the shell (bash).

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Google Search

September 20, 2005

Google just introduced Blog Search in beta September 14, 2005.This new search function allows for you to search the internet for Blogs,Podcasts and RSS feeds. You simply type in your keywords and it will show you results that have come from these sources.

The results they display are not showing any preferences to Blogs that are published on Blogger. Actually Google Blog Search is not just looking at Blogs.They are looking for any RSS feed which might be from a Blog, Podcast , or any othe type of XML feed.

Have more reasons to google !

August 3, 2005

Google Moon
Google Earth
Google Personalized Search
Google Video Viewer

Now, Google gets a map for the moon

July 25, 2005

Google has come up with an interesting way to honor the first manned moon landing, which took place 36 years ago on July 20, 1969. The company has added some NASA imagery to its Maps interface, which enables the users to surf the exact spot where man first landed on Moon.
Google Moon is basically an extension of Google Maps and Google Earth and uses NASA imagery to surf Moon’s surface. You can also check out the exact spots where Apollo astronauts landed.
It can be accessed by clicking on the temporary moon logo on the Google homepage or by visiting . The map allows the user to zoom in and out, but you might be in for a surprise if you zoom in too close.

Google to back broadband venture

July 7, 2005

Google Inc., Goldman Sachs Group Inc and Hearst Corp are investing about $100 million in Current Communications Group, a start-up that offers high-speed Internet connections over electricity lines, The Wall Street Journal reported on Thursday.