Drug cos want govt to review price control on key brands

July 9, 2008

Drug majors including Ranbaxy, Pfizer, Glaxo and Eli Lilly have approached the government asking for a review of the drug price regulator’ decision to impose price control on their key brands which include cough syrups, antibiotics, pain killers, ulcer treatments and pills for male impotence.

The major MNC brands now under the ministry’s examination include Pfizer’s Bendryl Couph Syrup and Caladryl lotion for itching and Eli Lilly’s Human Insulin.

Cadila Pharma’s anti-ulcer medicine Ranitidine, Ranbaxy’s pain killer Pentazocine and antibiotic Roscillin, anti-bacterial Cilanem and impotence drug Caverta, Pfizer’s medicine for irritation and itching Caladryl lotion are also believed to be under the government’s review.

Source: Economic Times