New year Party and what about morning next

December 29, 2008

hangoverIT’S all very well to ring in the New Year with more than your quota of bubbly but what about the morning after?


  • HOPEFULLY! Don’t go to bed immediately after you’ve finished drinking. Your metabolism slows down when you are asleep, so staying awake will help to process the alcohol in your body

  • Try to limit yourself to one drink an hour and don’t mix drinks.

  • Try to take sips of your drink instead of big gulps. You want to give your body the best chance of processing the alcohol

  • Have breakfast — the optimal breakfast is a small cup of milk, eggs and toast

  • Take an aspirin if headaches persist, but do not take more than two

  • Have Vitamin B as a supplement or one piece of banana and stay clear of sweets

Source:  Times Of India