Cars to hit Indian roads in 2009

January 22, 2009

fiat-ggrande-punto1. Fiat Grande Punto

Expected in May-June 2009, the car’s estimated price varies between Rs 500,000 and Rs 700,000.

It is a pemium hatchback/small-car that runs on both petrol and diesel.

The car will also be available with an Essesse kit, which boosts power to 135kW.

hyundai-santa-fe2. Hyundai Santa Fe

Expected in mid 2009, this SUVs price is estimated to be between Rs 23 and Rs 26 lakhs (Rs 2.3 to Rs 2.6 million). The car runs on both petrol and diesel.

The car will come in 2.2-litre, 148bhp diesel motor which might be tuned to suit Indian fuel quality.

maruti-suzuki-splash3. Maruti Suzuki Splash

Expected early this year, the car is estimated to be priced between Rs 400,000 and Rs 5,50,000. The styling is bold and is characterised by massive headlamps at the front.

The rear has an inward tilt to it.

A refined and fuel efficient 1.2L petrol and the 1.3L multijet (DDiS) diesel engines are planned for the car.

honda-jazz4. Honda Jazz

Expected in June-July this year, the car is estimated to cost between Rs 500,000 and Rs 600,000.

A Small segment, premium hatchback, to be available only in the petrol version, the car is expected to compete directly with the Skoda Fabia, the yet-to-be-launched Fiat Grande Punto and the Hyundai i20.

mahindra-xylo5. Mahindra Xylo

The Mahindra Xylo is Mahindras first attempt at building an multi-purpose vehicle. This MPV will compete directly with the Toyota Innova.

Priced between Rs 600,000 and Rs 800,000, this vehicle was launched in December 2008.

The Xylo has the same heart as that of the Scorpio, the 2.6 CRDe, as well as the 2.2 M-Hawk’s engine as options.

As Mahindra is using the same engine as the Scorpio, the vehicle’s cost is less than that of the Innova.

toyota-fortuner6. Toyota Fortuner

Expected early this year, the SUVs estimated price is between Rs 16 lakhs and Rs 18 lakhs (Rs 1.6 to Rs 1.8 million).

The car will be available in both petrol and diesel versions.

Source: Rediff