Places near Bangalore: Cauvery Fishing Camp, Shivagange, Sawan Durga

August 7, 2008

Kaveri Fishing Camp

The River Cauvery, also known as Kaveri, is one of the majestic rivers of South India. Making its way from the dense forests of Karnataka to the coast of Tamil Nadu, this imposing waterway gives a chance to indulge in fishing and catching the largest and most challenging tropical sporting river fish known to man – the Mahseer.

Ideal Locales for Camps


This is one of the favorite getaways for those wanting to experience adventure and relaxation first hand. It is located at a distance of about 100 kilometers from Bangalore city (Karnataka) and is renowned for its Mahseer sport fish. Bheemeshwari is responsible for turning the ordinary camp into an adventure sport of sorts. You may stay at the various cottages that are available here. Though they look rustic from outside, they provide luxurious comfort to all vacationers, thus adding comfort and elegance to your dream vacation. You could visit the ruins of an ancient Shiva temple adjoining the Bheemeshwari camp, while exploring the place. You could visit the Mekedaatu water falls, Sangam and also the Simsha water falls and take a trek along unspoilt beauty of nature.


Located quite near Bheemeshwari and around 95 kilometers from Bangalore, Galibore is a lovely place to camp. The entire locale it seems has been customized by nature just for enthusiastic campers! Wilderness all around, huge trees like Terminalia Arjuna adding to the ‘wilderness effect’, the rushing river right in front of and undulating hills on either sides are at par with perfection, making your adventure vacation one that will be truly memorable. Wildlife enthusiasts can eat their heart out as wild elephants come to the banks often to quench their thirst and play around. You may also spot crocodiles, turtles and birds of different varieties.


This place is situated around 6 kilometers beyond Bheemeshwari. What makes Doddamakali stand out is the fact that it is so naturally beautiful, it seems as though time has forgot to touch this place. Since it is at a remote location, you will enjoy solitude here like nowhere else. At this place, the River Kaveri collects into a large pool and the water is almost devoid of currents due to the stillness. This makes it perfectly ideal for water-sports. There are around 6 tents here and the staff is very co-operative when it comes to making you feel comfortable.

Best Time to Visit

Any time of the year is fine to visit this Paradise, though you may want to avoid the monsoons from July to September. If you are particularly interested in fishing, then come here during the months of November to June as this is considered the best time for fishing.

How to Reach

By Air

One can reach Bangalore via air by taking a flight from one of the many cities in India that is connected to Bangalore. From Bangalore, you can hire a car to reach here.

By Rail

The nearest railway station is at Mysore, located at a distance of around 85 kilometers. You may reach Mysore by train from different cities and then hire a cab to reach at the camps.

By Road

Bangalore is 100 kilometers from Bheemeshwari and around 132 kilometers from Doddamakali. The camps are easily accessible by road from anywhere in Karnataka and nearby southern states.


Shivagange is 8+Kms from Dabas Pet on the way to Tumkur from Bangalore on NH 4.
Distance from Bangalore: 50+Kms
Nearest Hospital: Shivagange, Dabas Pet.
Nearest food point : Shivagange.

How to get there:

Plenty of buses operate between Tumkur and Dabas pet, Shivagange. From Bangalore also quite a number of buses are available. Many private operators also run between Dabas pet and Shivagange.

Shivagange gets its name from the Holy places and temples it hosts. The spring water found here is considered to the sacred water ‘Gange’.

The hillock has few temples atop and a statue of Nandi carved out of single stone is a beauty. It is about two kilometers from the bottom of the hillock where there is a village to the top of the hill. There are many temples all along the way.

The place being a huge collection of boulders and solid granite rock structures, it invites not just pilgrims but rock climbers and adventure lovers as well. Though there are no bolted routes, there is plenty of climbing.

Manchina Bele, Magadi

This is about 36 km from Bangalore  by road and about 8 km from the Big Banyan Tree. Manchinabele Dam is situated in the midst of hills and forests. Even though it is not a big dam, it is a good picnic spot.

Route: Proceed from the Big Banyan Tree via Chikkappa Circle. This reservoir and dam is about 15 km from the tree

Sawan Durga

In Kannada Durga means Fort (also Goddess Amba). Savan Durga being one of the nine such forts around Bangalore, is situated at a distance of around 50 kms west of Bangalore near Magadi.

This is also the biggest monolith in Asia.

There are several routes to the monolith at Sawana Durga, rising to the height of more than 1000ft, At the foothill there is a village by the same name and the forest around has been declared as Reserved forest and there is protected garden of the Herbs of medicinal interest