What is cloud computing?

September 25, 2009

What is cloud computing?

Cloud computing refers to the delivery of scalable IT resources over the Internet, as opposed to hosting and operating those resources locally, such as on a college or university network.

Those IT resources can include applications and services, as well as the infrastructure on which they operate.

By deploying IT infrastructure and services over the network, an organization can purchase these resources on an as-needed basis and avoid the capital costs of software and hardware.

Advantage cloud computing

  1. IT capacity can be adjusted quickly
  2. Can easily accommodate changes in demand
  3. IT professionals can devote more energy to enhancing thevalue of using IT for their enterprises and less on the day-to-day challenges of IT.
  4. Cloud computing also promotes IT optimization so that IT resources are configured formaximum cost-benefit

Source: www.educause.edu