Two Google Research Tricks

April 30, 2007

Tricks are really going to help everybody who is using Google for search here are they-:

The more terms you use, the more refined your search.
Entering [volvo] will return 70,000,000 links. But try [volvo repair shop], and the number drops to 1,400,000 links. And [volvo repair shop los angeles] reduces that number to just 600,000.

Put your terms in quotes to be even more specific.
Add quotation marks to search for phrases, and you’ll have a more precise search. Type in [“volvo repair shop” and “los angeles”], and Google will look for sites that feature both of those phrases, as opposed to individual words like “repair,” “shop,” “los” or “angeles” that may appear anywhere in the Web page. In our example, using quotes reduces the number of results to 31,000.

It only took a few more keywords and some quote marks to transform an overwhelming 70,000,000 links into a more manageable 31,000. And now you know how to narrow the results even more.