The growing world of Google Earth

September 29, 2006

Google, the world’s biggest Web search engine, has launched Google Earth in different languages including Japanese, French, Italian, German and Spanish. Jones is a great fan of Japan.

The engineers at Google, which generates almost all of its $6 billion revenue from advertisement, work with a concept.

Google Video to feature university lectures !

September 29, 2006

Online video is no longer just fun and games: You might actually learn something. The University of California at Berkeley said on Tuesday that it is using Google Video to deliver college courses, including lectures and symposia, free of charge, the first university to have its own featured page on Google Video.

Google Video is a comprehensive index of free and paid, user-generated and professional video content.  “Coursecasting” is a growing trend in educational technology, enabling students and the general public to download audio and video recordings of class lectures to their computers and portable media devices.

Internet advertising at record levels

September 29, 2006

Internet advertising hit a record $8 billion in the first six months of 2006, fuelled by a 40 per cent growth in search-related advertising, according to a study by the Interactive Advertising Bureau and PricewaterhouseCoopers.

Internet advertisements tracker eMarketer said it expects Web advertisements spending to hit $15.9 billion this year, ratcheting down an earlier forecast of $16.7 billion it made in July. The new figure represents an increase of 26.8 percent, compared with the earlier estimate of 33.2 per cent.

Yahoo! plans search marketing in regional languages

September 29, 2006

Yahoo! has plans to launch ‘search marketing solutions’ in Indian regional languages.

Company executives said search marketing connects businesses to targeted customers seeking products and services, through advertising model called sponsored search

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5 easy steps to successful goal setting

September 18, 2006

Goals, who needs them?

Step 1: Define your goal

Step 2: How will you know you have achieved this goal?

Step 3: How to go about doing it

Step 4: Set a time frame

Step 5: Take Nike’s advice
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